Using Social Media to Choose Your Dream Bed and Breakfast

More than 75 percent of travelers post their vacation photos to social networks. In just 60 seconds, 45 thousand tweets are posted to Twitter, 66 thousand photos are uploaded to Instagram, and 3.3 million posts are made to Facebook. If you want to find the perfect New Mexico B&B for that upcoming vacation, chances are, social media is the best place to start your search.

Bed and Breakfast establishments across the country are starting to understand the importance of maintaining a great social media presence. They’re using keywords to inspire and attract a target market, utilizing “FOMO” to increase bookings by showcasing all possible not to be missed characteristics, and using tools to make planning a little easier. Often, visiting a B&B’s website will yield the same results – typical photographs, guest comments, and business recommendations. Visiting a B&B’s Instagram account, however, will provide a deeper and more thorough understanding of what, exactly, the business has to offer.

Travelers should utilize more than the B&B’s social media accounts, however. Searching the location on Instagram and Twitter can yield hundreds of guest photographs, reviews, and experiences. This is especially important to first-time visitors; these unofficial reviews are often more truthful than the accounts spotlighted on the website. Plus, if you have any questions about an experience, you can easily slide into a previous guest’s DMs to ask.

Using social media to choose a lodging experience has countless uses. Potential guests can see what the B&B wants users to see, but they can also access insider tips from previous guests. Plus, you’ll be able to see what the experience will look like in your own social media feed – something important to around 70 percent of millennials. Travel is changing, but understanding the new tools at your disposal can help you find the best experience possible.

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