Top 5 Reasons People Visit New Mexico

It is no wonder that New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment: it offers travel experiences to its visitors that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Prehistoric attractions, natural wonders, delicious food, authentic culture, varied landscapes, and the blend of cultures – New Mexico is one of the most fascinating states in the country. If you still doubt, we are going to tell you 5 reasons why you should include it in your list of must-visit states.  
1. Native American Communities 
Nex Mexico is home for 19 Native American reservations and communities. The most prominent one is the Taos Pueblo – a small reservation with only 100 residents, whose lifestyle is very similar to the one of their ancestors. This community, located at the base of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, is the only Native American community included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Another community worth visiting is the Acoma Pueblo located 50 miles away from Albuquerque. 
2. Outdoor recreation and adventures 
If you an outdoorsy and love spending time in nature, New Mexico is ready to offer you a lot of options regardless the season. It is one of the leading states for hiking, mountain biking,and skiing. Only in New Mexico you have a unique opportunity to hike in the biggest on Earth gypsum desert, to explore the magnificent Carlsbad Caverns or to discover the beauty of Capulin Volcano. For those who are vising in winter, New Mexico offers perfect conditions for skiing. There are a lot of ski resort in the State, the best of which are Taos Ski Valley and Angel Fire Resort.  
3. The culture and vibes of Santa Fe 
The capital of New Mexico has a great sense of creative energy and atmosphere. Santa Fe is more than just another city: it is an exquisite mix of charming architecture, world-class art galleries and museums, sophisticated restaurants, exclusive shops and boutiques, and amazing antique stores. Santa Fe is definitely one of the top reasons for visiting New Mexico.  
4. Albuquerque’s cuisine 
Albuquerque is the city for real gourmands. The food in Albuquerque is truly unique: it is a blend of Spanish and Native American flavors with two signature ingredients – green and red chilies. Make sure to try a green chile cheeseburger, local tortillas, sopapilla, and steak.  
5. Architecture 
The architectural style of the cities in New Mexico is extreme and distinctive. It reflects the diversity of culture and the rich history of the state. Where else you can see such a mix of Pueblo-style adobe architecture (the basis for traditional homes in New Mexico), Greek Revival and Colonial architecture. They make almost every town and city in New Mexico look like an open-air museum. 

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