Bed and Breakfast: The Perfect Ending to Your New Mexico Ski Trip

New Mexico Bed and Breakfasts are an excellent way to connect with local culture, get to know the residents, and better understand the area. Staying at a chain hotel limits your ability to experience the state, even if that hotel is connected to some of the best skiing in New Mexico. If you want a truly New Mexican experience, regardless of the primary reason for the trip, a Bed and Breakfast is the only option. Indeed, pairing your New Mexico ski trip with a local Bed and Breakfast is the perfect way to experience the stat Much of the state’s skiing is clustered in the northern part of the state, where you’ll find seemingly endless snow in the higher mountain elevations. However, if you want to stay at a Bed and Breakfast in the southern part of the state, we’re not going to stop you—every inch of the Land of Enchantment is, well, completely enchanting.


Bed and Breakfast is Easy for Skiers to Find

That said, choosing a Bed and Breakfast is nearly as important—perhaps more important—as finding the ski resort to suit your style and ability. However, regardless of where you choose to ski, you are guaranteed to find a Bed and Breakfast nearby. Taos alone has more than a dozen Bed and Breakfasts located within a 2-mile radius. Staying at a Bed and Breakfast pairs well with ski trips for several reasons. Your host can serve as a font of information for the best resorts and equipment shops in the area. If you choose to rent your skis, a Bed and Breakfast host will know exactly where to point you. Similarly, if you have yet to decide on which resort you’d like to try, you can simply describe your ability and style to a host; in resort-dense places like Taos, they’ll likely be able to choose a mountain for you. Want a steep vertical drop and fast summit access? Taos Ski Valley is the resort for you. Want to hone your freestyle skills in the terrain park? Ski Santa Fe will have what you’re looking for.


Home Away from Home

Similarly, a Bed and Breakfast is designed to feel like home—the perfect place to return after a long day of skiing. Rather than arguing over a restaurant or spending slightly too long at the ski lodge bar, you’ll return to the Bed and Breakfast to a home-cooked meal and great conversation about the local culture and industry. Then, once you’ve warmed up and relaxed, the host should be able to provide a list of nearby bars and restaurants.

Bed and Breakfasts are designed to offer the comforts of home to those on the road. While this type of lodging is a great choice for most vacations, it pairs especially well with ski trips. For the best, friendliest, and most welcoming vacation, visit one of New Mexico’s hundreds of Bed and Breakfasts—you’ll sleep well and get insider knowledge only locals can share.


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