Still Want to Stay at a Large Hotel? Here’s What You’ll Miss

Whether you’re traveling to New Mexico for an extended vacation or want to spend a weekend away from your home, a Bed and Breakfast is always a great idea. However, some visitors to New Mexico might believe they’d be more comfortable at a chain hotel. Indeed, there could be some truth to this; hotels often have the same decorations regardless of location, so if you spend a lot of time traveling, the faded burgundy of a Best Western comforter might feel like home. However, Bed and Breakfasts allow vacationers the ability to branch out of their comfort zones—while also staying extremely comfortable. Additionally, a Bed and Breakfast will nearly always offer the better deal, and you’ll get that “home away from home” feeling most hotels fail to replicate.


The Four Things You Don’t Want to Miss

  1. The amenities are free and, usually, better. While your hotel might have a kiosk of pamphlets to tell you about nearby attractions, a Bed and Breakfast host will be able to make personal recommendations about how you should spend your time. They’ll also have free WiFi, complimentary parking, and a full kitchen to use at your disposal.
  2. You’ll pay less. Hotels understand they have a monopoly on visitor lodging, so they don’t mind hiking the prices up during busy seasons. Bed and Breakfasts, while offering a similar service, won’t gouge you for extra cash if you’re looking for a place to spend Christmas Eve. Additionally, a study recently revealed that the average New York City Bed and Breakfasts is around $50 cheaper per night than the average hotel. Sure, that’s not New Mexico, but that much of a price difference is definitely worth investigating.
  3. Homemade meals can make or break a vacation. Sure, a hotel will likely advertise a continental breakfast with your stay, and you might be able to squeeze a glass of free wine out of a concierge who briefly lost your suitcase. However, nothing compares to the homemade food of a Bed and Breakfast. Depending on your host, you’ll be able to provide requests and recommendations to make your stay truly feel like home.
  4. You’ll get the attention you deserve. The service at a Bed and Breakfast goes beyond simply providing guests with a comfortable bed. Bed and Breakfast hosts see patrons as guests in their home, and they’ll do nearly anything they can to ensure your stay is perfect. At a hotel, you’re simply a name attached to a credit card; at a B&B, you’re a person with interests, questions, and preferences.


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