Already a Local? Take a Staycation at a New Mexico Bed and Breakfast

Maybe you’ve lived in Albuquerque your whole life, but you’ve never seen a petroglyph. Maybe you’ve never taken the Sandia Peak Tramway or visited the Albuquerque Zoo. Maybe you’ve done all those things, but you need an escape from your daily life—without breaking the bank. Purchasing airfare, rental cars, and hotel accommodations can be expensive, even if you’re just looking for a weekend away. Rather than putting your effort and money into expensive transportation, do a quick search for Bed and Breakfasts in your area. You won’t be sorry.

Staycations are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to traditional trips. During a staycation, a resident takes a vacation at their home or general area, spending time exploring local attractions, enjoying the outdoors, or relaxing at a nearby spa. If you’re already living in New Mexico, there are very few things you can only experience outside the state. You’ll already have access to mountains, skiing, hiking, world-class spas, a renowned culinary scene, and some of the most picturesque views available. Why would you want to leave?


Staycation in a Bed and Breakfast

A staycation is characterized most often by your choice in lodging. If you’re not staying at home, you’ll likely look for nearby hotels. Instead, we’d like to make a suggestion: use this as an opportunity to explore a Bed and Breakfast. You can stay at a Comfort Inn anywhere in the country, but you can’t book a room at the Madeleine Bed & Breakfast Inn—an opulent Victorian B&B with an in-house spa—anywhere by New Mexico. The service you’ll receive as a guest at a Bed and Breakfast will allow you to feel like you are truly on vacation.

The next time one of your friends suggests a quick weekend trip to Arizona or Texas, do some research. What would you travel to those places to do? Can you do it in New Mexico? The answer to the latter is, in almost every case, a resounding “yes.” In opting for a Bed and Breakfast staycation, you’ll save money, have a great time, and learn to appreciate your home for what it is—a great place to be.


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