Bed and Breakfast: The Perfect Ending to Your New Mexico Ski Trip

New Mexico Bed and Breakfasts are an excellent way to connect with local culture, get to know the residents, and better understand the area. Staying at a chain hotel limits your ability to experience the state, even if that hotel is connected to some of the best skiing in New Mexico. If you want a […]


Still Want to Stay at a Large Hotel? Here’s What You’ll Miss

Whether you’re traveling to New Mexico for an extended vacation or want to spend a weekend away from your home, a Bed and Breakfast is always a great idea. However, some visitors to New Mexico might believe they’d be more comfortable at a chain hotel. Indeed, there could be some truth to this; hotels often […]


Already a Local? Take a Staycation at a New Mexico Bed and Breakfast

Maybe you’ve lived in Albuquerque your whole life, but you’ve never seen a petroglyph. Maybe you’ve never taken the Sandia Peak Tramway or visited the Albuquerque Zoo. Maybe you’ve done all those things, but you need an escape from your daily life—without breaking the bank. Purchasing airfare, rental cars, and hotel accommodations can be expensive, […]